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Giving is a matter of faith and an act of gratitude for God’s work in your life. St Peter believes that all things come from a good and gracious God who is the source of all our ideas, energy, effort, and results. We are all called to put our faith into action and make God’s love real to those in our community. When we choose to participate in God’s work in the world, we do so with our whole selves, including our resources of time, energy, and finances. Generously and joyfully sharing our resources is our response to God’s abundant love and generosity. Putting God first on our calendar and bank statements reflects God’s priority in our lives. We give God our very best, not our leftovers. With a rich tradition of giving beyond our doors, each year St Peter commits to share 10% of member commitments to the global Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. We also commit our hungry jar gifts to local needs within our community to address issues of poverty, homelessness, hunger and other local causes.

Stewardship Emphasis & Regular Offering

St. Peter devotes the months of October and November to stewardship. Together, we learn how our gifts nurture and teach faith to children, youth, and adults; strengthen families; confront hunger and homelessness; and develop leaders. All St. Peter ministries are made possible through our annual stewardship initiative. All
are asked to complete a giving plan to inform the church of your gift and to help us plan for how we can share with our community and beyond.


We encourage proportional giving, with each of us giving according to our ability.

"For if the readiness is present, it is acceptable according to what a person has, not according to what he does not have."
- 2 Corinthians 18:12
Sharing Your Offering

Thank you for your generosity that supports our ministries here at St. Peter and our mission partners. There are multiple options for sharing your offering.       

  • You can share your offering during in-person worship. 

  • You can mail your check to the church at PO Box 37, Prairie du Chien, WI 53821. If you are a household with giving envelopes, please mail it in that envelope.  If you do not have giving envelopes, please contact the church office and we will get envelopes for you.  

  • You can give through Simply Giving, an automated online giving program we have used successfully for years here at St. Peter. An authorization form can be found online here or you can call the church office at (608) 326-6411 

  • You can also set up an offering at your bank using free Bill Pay service to have the bank print and mail your check to the church.     

Image by Tim Mossholder
Endowment Gifts

Endowment funds provide additional resources to assist the congregation in its ministry and mission. Endowment gifts are special one-time gifts that come during an individual’s life journey or at the end of life. Some gifts are given with specific intents, and others are shared for congregational leadership to do with as mission needs arise. Some gifts stipulate that only the interest on the amount be used, so the gift keeps
giving year after year. Other gifts allow both the principal and the interest to be used for St. Peter’s mission needs. St. Peter has a strong history of special gifts that have made possible impactful mission in the past and present and that will continue to strengthen it
into the future. If you are interested in a conversation about an endowment gift, please contact Pastor Miranda at or by calling the church office at 608-326-6411.

Stewardship 2020-21

Our Stewardship journey for the 2020/20201 period started with a congregational survey and small group listening sessions. From the information and feedback
gathered our campaign theme was born “Welcoming, Connecting, Growing Faith.” Welcoming signifies we view ourselves as a body of Christ where all are welcome regardless of social, economic or ethnic background. Connecting signifies we are yearning to stay connected in this challenging time. Growing Faith is rooted in our strong desire that we must do whatever is necessary to nurture and spread the word and all the good news that comes with it! This year has been filled with challenges. Next year will hold a new set of challenges. Together, with God’s strength, guidance, time, talent and your financial gifts, we will creatively meet the challenges before us. You have the power to  change our world through your faith.

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