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Come for supper

Come For Supper is a free meal that has been offered to everyone in our community and surrounding
areas on the 3rd Thursday of the month every month since April 2009. Celebrating the spirit that
proclaims all are welcome – the meal helps cement St. Peter’s strong connection to the community.
Preparation of the meal involves working with other churches, civic groups, and businesses. As one of
the original founders of Come For Supper stated, “This ministry reaches out to neighbors and strangers
to help nourish them physically and spiritually. All are welcome!”

When faced with a global Pandemic, the Come for Supper ministry was able to pivot to continue serving
our community during this challenging time. Come for Supper shifted to Take-Out Only and has had a
big increase in the number of meals served (from serving 220 to now serving between 315 and 370
meals in a night).

If you know of a group or family that would like to chef and recruit volunteers to serve a meal please contact Sandy Nagle at 608-326-6979 or Pat Lenz at 608-874-4700

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