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Care Ministry

Together we are a community of faith. When one suffers we all are affected. At St. Peter, we want to partner with you in times of joy and celebration and also in the midst of life’s challenge. The Care Team at St. Peter is available to visit, pray, or meet with you.

Pastoral Visitation and Counseling

Our pastoral team is available for home visits, pastoral care, and home communion. We invite you to call the church office to set up a time for a home visit (608-326-6411). We look forward to these special times with you. If you would prefer to meet at the church or to talk remotely via a phone call or Zoom meeting, we can arrange for that as well. If you or someone you know is ill, hospitalized, or in need of pastoral care; please call the church office at (608-326-6411).

Pastoral counseling gives attention to relational responsibilities of loving God, neighbor, and self. This is essential to our wholeness. During this time, a pastoral
counselor offers support through listening, asking caring questions, and giving observations during difficult times which can help people chart their own course for hope, healing, and wholeness. The goal of this type of counseling is to represent God’s steadfast love and the hope of redemptive grace for all who suffer. Contact the church office at 608-326-6411 or email Pastor Miranda at to set up a visit with a member of our pastoral team.

Care Ministry

Care ministers offer one‐on‐one emotional and spiritual support for individuals encountering challenges such as illness, life transitions, depression, divorce, grief and loss. They are available for a one‐time visit or an ongoing supportive relationship. Care ministers visit people in the hospital, in care facilities, and in their homes.

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Sending Holy Communion

This ministry offers to those who are sick, homebound, or imprisoned a means of participating in the worship of the whole assembly, and it helps those who have gathered publicly to recognize their oneness with sisters and brothers who are absent. Volunteers will bring the gifts of God’s word and sacramental meal (holy communion) to those who are unable to be present at worship. We follow the COVID guidelines for those being visited and the visitor. If you are interested in being added to our list of those receiving Holy Communion or are interested in helping with this ministry please contact the church office at 608-326-6411 or email

Hospital and Senior Care Facility Visits

Churches are no longer notified by a hospital when a member is admitted unless the person requests it. If you are scheduled for surgery or are in the hospital and
would like a visit, we will gladly respond. Call the church office at 608-326-6411 and your message will be given to the pastor who is on call. The local hospital also has
Pastor Miranda’s cell phone number in case of an emergency.

Senior Care Facilities no longer notify the church when a member is admitted, unless the person requests it. Please contact the church office at 608-326-6411 or
email to request to be added to our visitation list.

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