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It takes many volunteers to enable us to conduct ministry here at St. Peter. Some of the volunteers such as ushers or assisting ministers, we see each week during services. Additionally, volunteers throughout communities make them flourish, and we want our church to be a place for such outreach opportunities to be fostered. 

Grow in Faith

St. Peter offers several resources for our members to receive education and/or pursue a development of their faith, and we believe this process never ceases with age.

Care Ministry

Together we are a community of faith. When one suffers we all are affected. At St. Peter, we want to partner with you in times of joy and celebration and also in the midst of life’s challenge. The Care Team at St. Peter is available to visit, pray, or meet with you.

Life Events

Life events, whether large or small, whether eliciting joy or grief, are crucial, and we at 
St. Peter want to help you process your life events alongside you.


St. Peter is a community of faith rooted in prayer. Care ministers and our pastoral staff are available to pray with individuals and families upon request. We also have a Women of the ELCA prayer chain, and regularly lift up prayer concerns during weekend worship.

Come for Supper

Come for Supper, our monthly meal open to church members along with the rest of the community, has been a staple of St. Peter's identity for a long time, and we hope it'll stay that way. 

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